An Entirely New “Sound and Vision”

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Reinventing a classic song is no small task, but reinventing how the audience hears it has become just as interesting an idea. Director Chris Milk is reimagining the concert experience for Beck’s upcoming performance of David Bowie’s classic tune, “Sound and Vision.” And if all goes to plan, this concert will be anything but traditional.

Working alongside concert production designer Willo Perron, Chris is transforming Stage 14 at Fox Studios in Los Angeles into a circular, rotating music hall in which the stage surrounds the audience. As more than 160 different musicians fill the circular stage, they’ll literally rotate around the crowd, creating an immersive sound experience unlike any other.

Yet Chris hasn’t stopped at just the live performance. To bring the concert home, he’ll capture the show with three 360-degree cameras, along with 360-degree binaural microphones allowing viewers of the digital experience to feel as if they’re actually there.

Viewers listening at home with headphones can sit in different seats and listen from different positions, including Beck’s. This immersive online experience goes further with facial recognition technology that adjusts the sound as viewers turn from side to side, replicating precise audio levels found within the actual performance space. Imagine being able to jump from one side of the hall to the other, hearing completely new perspectives on the song as it comes to life around you.

So prepare to see and hear a new take on a classic song, in an entirely new way.


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