The Story: Beck Reimagines David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”

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Enter the 360° Experience

For some artists, a blank canvas can be intimidating. For others, it’s a possibility… something that not only inspires, but breaks the conventions of all past experience.

Welcome to “Hello, Again.”

The Hello, Again performance started with an idea – reimagine David Bowie’s classic, “Sound and Vision.” But it became more than another cover. It became an experience that presented a fresh take on the possibilities of the once familiar, for both the audience and  the performers.

The show doesn’t stop with the live performance. In collaboration with Beck, Director Chris Milk is creating a digital experience that is fully immersive. By capturing the concert with 360-degree cameras and 360-degree binaural microphones, online viewers will have the opportunity to experience the show from any and every seat in the house.

This digital experience will allow online viewers to click through a variety of lenses to view the show, as well as experience three distinct and different sound origins: an outer microphone that captures the 160+ musicians up close, an inner microphone that represents what the studio audience hears, and finally a central microphone that lets you hear what Beck hears.

Grab your headphones, and get ready to immerse yourself in a true-to-life concert experience.

This is “Hello, Again.” Let’s play

Reimagining the concert experience shouldn’t be rushed. For best viewing, we recommend minimizing the number of open applications. This experience is available for desktop; mobile and tablet will have limited access via the Director’s Cut.


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