Sound Technology Gets a Human Touch

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To kick off our exploration into the art of reimagining, we asked some of the most creative music-makers in the industry to design a completely new concert experience that could be just as immersive when listening in the digital world as it could be in the actual performance space. They answered this challenge with an arrangement involving a rotating stage surrounded by a musical symphony of more than 160 diverse musicians, circling 360-degree aerial cameras, and microphones designed to capture sound as humans hear it.

Introducing, the Binaural Head.

This recording device – sculpted into the shape of a human head and surrounded by lifelike ears – captures sound in a 360-degree immersive style, the way a person would actually hear it if they were sitting in the performance space with the musicians.

The result is a track that actually captures a moment in time. It’s not your typical compressed studio-recording, but an emotion-evoking, wave-your-hands-in-the-air, lighter-raising type of experience.

This is how some of the most innovative minds in music have reimagined the concert experience in a way that awakens us to the unexplored possibilities of the familiar.

We’ll be posting a reimagined version of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” on on Feb 10. We suggest you bring some headphones, and maybe a lighter.

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