#HelloAgain: A Celebration of Reimagination Kicks Off

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A true artist can create from any blank canvas, even if that canvas isn’t exactly blank. On a rotating stage surrounded by more than 160 musicians, Beck proved that you can teach an old tune new tricks to create a completely fresh sound and vision. But what could a concert possibly have to do with a 90-year-old automotive company?

It started when Lincoln looked in the mirror. Instead of accepting what we saw, we envisioned what we could be.

We envisioned the chance to reinvent the best of our past into a metamorphosis for the automobile. And so, the Lincoln Motor Company name was resurrected, and a new vision for the brand was born.

Now we are celebrating this rebirth with “Hello, Again,” by collaborating with artists who bring the idea of reimagination to life on their own stage. Artists like Beck, who has made a career of disrupting the goliath music industry with his simple yet powerful ideas, and Chris Milk, who joined our merry band of reimaginers thanks to his unique gift for turning cold, complex technology into something tangible, entertaining and human. Which just so happens to be the goal for our automobiles.

We were most impressed by Beck and Milk’s creative process. They didn’t just dream up a performance while sequestered inside their ivory tower. Instead, they put themselves in the place of the guest, determined to deliver a performance that even the most savvy, modern audience had yet to witness. It’s just the kind of creative empathy that we practice while crafting our automobiles. We start with the individual and imagine what he or she would want to drive.

A 360º experience reimagined down to the very last degree – it’s what Beck and Chris Milk brought to the stage, and our goal for everyone who opens our door. With “Hello, Again” we’ll have the unique opportunity to share this new road for Lincoln with like-minded artists. As they fuel classic ideas with new life, we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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