Awakening the Sound

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Every now and then, even the smallest event can create a lasting memory that shapes our entire life. For musician and producer Mali Music, his passion for music started with the crackle of a stylus making contact with a record.

“There was a teacher who sat me down and pulled a record out,” says Mali. “When she lifted the needle and put it on, just the sound of the crackle coming into my ears was like, ‘What is happening?’”

This experience had an immediate impact on Mali, who realized in that moment that he wanted to be the one creating the sounds that came through the record player. In that childhood moment, Mali saw that music had the power to move people — and he wanted to be part of that movement.

“I want everyone to have that anticipation,” says Mali, “especially those who are willing to pay attention.”

By listening to pop and R&B legends, Mali began to understand how music could inspire people to be better. He started to crave a distinct kind of sound: gospel melodies mixed with pop accents. From there, he began to dive into how these sounds were created.

“I just had this urge for the education,” he explains, “My dad bought me this little box of editing software [for Christmas], and it changed my whole life.”

That “little box” would end up teaching Mali how to record his own vocals and finesse his sound: the notes, the beat, the lyrics — and an understanding as to how all of those little things could impact a listener’s experience of a song. This dawning awareness of intention drove Mali to start crafting honest songs; songs that could touch his listeners on a deeper level.

“I create from my heart,” Mali says. “Music can fuel anything or be anything — and I think that my audience definitely appreciates it.”

Encouragement is at the core of Mali’s music, reminding his audience of the universal nature of the human experience through what he calls a “conversation through music.” Cryin’, the track he previewed for us on the available Revel System while cruising around in the Lincoln MKZ, embodies this spirit.

“It’s like the whole sound is just embracing you,” Mali says.

To get to the core of the song when he records, Mali treats every recording session as an intimate performance. He feels that every time he sings, he has the chance to fill the studio, the arena, the lounge or the room with light.

“I feel blessed if I get an opportunity to get an instrument and sing a song. I feel triple-blessed if one person is listening,” Mali says. “When that changes into hundreds and thousands, man — that’s why I was born right there.”

We had the opportunity to talk inspiration with Mali Music on a drive through Los Angeles in the Lincoln MKZ as part of our ongoing exploration of artistry in music. To learn more, visit us here.


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