Film Uncovered

Over the course of a century, the art of the motion picture has evolved from the silent, black-and-white film experiments of yesteryear into an international community of storytellers who bring their creations to screens big and small. Today’s films can reach audiences wherever they are, from laptops to phones, even inside the moving car. And today, the audience has even become a part of the creation process through the new world of virtual and interactive technologies. Yet while the ways that we consume cinematic stories have changed dramatically, the magic of movies has endured. They allow us to step into a whole new world, to lose ourselves in a story, and to dream as big as we dare to. 120 years ago, audiences were romanced by film’s ability to help us reimagine the world around us, and that love affair is far from over.

Following our longstanding tradition of working with Hollywood, we’ve partnered with film creators from Vimeo to Film Independent. And now, we are proud to join the Tribeca Film Festival in celebration of the today’s most creative films. Throughout this journey, we have been compelled by one of the few tenets of filmmaking that has remained constant in this rapidly changing landscape: great storytelling. By uncovering the combined potential of technology and artistry, we’re examining what the future holds for the medium and audiences alike. Wherever you watch it, we hope you’ll be inspired.

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Tribeca Interactive & Interlude: A Music Film Challenge