Ideas Uncovered

At the heart of every new idea lies a spark – a flash of inspiration, a burning question, or a need that sets the wheels of change in motion. We’re on a course to seek out stories of #IdeasUncovered.

These are the people we've been inspired by, the thought leaders and innovators who are digging a little deeper to get to the heart of a concept and show us a new way forward. This search has brought us to TEDActive in Whistler, for the fifth year, to explore new ideas with a few of our collaborators from The Lincoln Reimagine Project.

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Apres TED: Uncovering Whistler, BC
Apres TED: Uncovering Whistler, BC
1. Lincoln House of Design

Have a cocktail, kick back, and visit the Lincoln Reimagine Project Honorees and view their incredible works of innovation through past, present, and future.

4599 Chateau Blvd, Whistler, BC

2. Bearfoot Bistro

The founder of this cozy den is a strong believer in celebrating. Guests shuck oysters, sip vodka in a sub-freezing tasting room, and make toasts to just about everything.

4121 Village Green, Whistler, BC

3. Roundhouse Lodge

At 6000+ feet above sea level, The Roundhouse Lodge is the meeting place for cocoa-drinkers, skiers, and anyone in need of a quick massage on top of Whistler Mountain.

4545 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC

4. Network Hub

The ski-in-ski-out coworking space is bringing together entrepreneurs in Whistler village.

225-2063 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler, BC

5. Prior Skis and Snowboards

Chris Prior began making snowboards in his garage in 1991. Now his Whistler Village shop is home to a factory of custom equipment where anyone can create their dream board.

1410 Alpha Lake Rd #104, Whistler, BC

6. Whistler Cigar Co.

An aromatic Cuban getaway is nestled within the frosty recesses of Whistler Village.

4314 Main St, Whistler, BC

7. Purebread

Paula and Mark Lamming founded their bakery, Purebread, on the premise that good things come from passionate people working together to make something meaningful.

1040 Millar Creek Rd, Whistler, BC