Catskills Art Trip: Bomb Shelter

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Written by the editors of Animal New York

Faust is a veteran graffiti writer whose work can be seen dotting signs, walls, and alleyways all over New York City. We asked him to leave his urban environment and travel to the mountains for the Catskills Art Trip, on which Faust and several other artists transformed one hotel into an immersive multimedia experience.
The Catskill Mountains have a rich history of cultural turnover and rebirth, and to celebrate that, Faust chose to base his piece on a quote drawn from Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle, a classic of literature that takes place in the region.

Over the course of a few hours, Faust covered a hotel room with beautiful calligraphy-inspired lettering, a choice that deliberately links present-day graffiti to one of its artistic antecedents. “Penmanship is an art form of a bygone era,” the artist says. “Historically, in America, it was something taught in schools. Signatures were linked closely to one’s identity, and in graffiti, I think it’s a definite reference to that era.”

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