Chasing Clarity

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What does “clarity” mean to you? Is it seeing the visible world around you? Or is it seeing the things hidden just beneath the surface?

Clarity can come when everything falls perfectly into place, or when perfectly laid plans go awry. To help articulate the power of perspective, we pulled in a few multi-media artists to define clarity through their own unique lens, and illustrate the feeling of heightened awareness brought by the 360-degree camera on the new 2016 Lincoln MKX.

For Lauren Steele, the poet who shadowed the artists’ development process, the opportunity to observe each work to define their own sense of clarity gave her a unique, overarching view of the concept itself. Watching the environment, the subject and the theme come together – sometimes seamlessly, other times not – brought her attention to the power of being in the moment and how it’s sometimes the factors that are out of our control that bring us the most clarity.

“Clarity, like many things, is a culmination not of what things are, but what they are not. When you stop looking for these specificities, you take the blinders off and begin to see clarity for what is really is. It is a manifestation of transparency. It’s understanding. It’s perspective. Realizing that not only do we define where we are through our own experiences, but also that our experiences are defined by where we are. Only when I became aware of my own curiosity did I find clarity. Spilling milk the wrong way is never a failure, always a lesson.”

Lauren created a series of poems to actualize the experience of capturing full awareness in an expansive environment.


Balancing multiple passions can take clarity to another level. For designer/musician/photographer Christopher Hainey and molecular biologist/model Leslie Bembinster, clarity comes through discovery. Whether it’s seeing the world through travel, or untangling the possibilities of everyday life – for this pair, clarity is empowered by a multi-directional process, not a pure linear path.

“Discovery is never a single-step process. It unfolds as a subject interacts with other elements, moments of discovery between subject and extraneous elements: subject and landscape, subject and weather, or subject’s reaction to off-camera events.

360 degrees is the only way to collect the pieces of the puzzle, turning any direction provided new inspiration, and new perspectives for executing our concept. I embraced the approach of a constant, unique view, and the environment would dictate how it was conceptualized.”

Photographer Grant Legan is no stranger to shooting subjects on the go, and he met his travel match when paired up with Lust for Life blogger Olivia Lopez. Focused on the abstract and the nuanced, both photographer and subject found a common ground in discovering clarity in the details.

“I find that clarity comes when I don’t expect it, when you discover a new perspective. These shifts in how I approach a known object or experience give me pause to see something for how it exists within its surroundings, versus something premeditated. Letting serendipity occur within a planned space is critical. Free-flowing creation is a wonderful idea.”

Clarity isn’t always a one-time revelation. By defining a plan but understanding the scalable boundaries of it, filmmaker Duncan Wolfe views clarity as a welcome addition to the creative process.

“For me clarity is a moment. It’s the moment when you break through the fog of creativity, the fog of sorting through all of your ideas, dreams, references, and realities. I think it’s important that you know where you are — but you don’t always have to know where you’re going. You can see 360 degrees, but the mystery of the destination remains. I knew I wanted to create a poetic journey in the desert – I think the biggest challenge is always creating a plan, but being able to be flexible with the results. Amazing things can happen when there are limited creative boundaries.”

The visual interpretations of these artists is a testament to the discovery of that unexpected perspective, gained through the full awareness of one’s surroundings and the ability to see from every angle. The experience becomes something wholly unique.

View more 360-degree camera interpretations on Instagram at #createquiety.

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