Dusting up the MKZ for “The Incident”

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There is an element to the desert — especially in such high temperatures — that brings out the main concept of the Heist film genre: you will suffer for wanting something. The bright emptiness of the landscape brings into focus the precise human suffering of the moment. Inspired by the 1970s heyday of Heist films, directing duo Nick Citton and David Ariniello headed to the dusty plains of Palmdale, Calif., for their film for The Lincoln Reimagine Project.™ The temperatures during filming just so happened to be at a record high. The suffering was as well.

The oven-like weather only added fuel to the filmmakers’ fire as they were creating their film, “The Incident.” Citton describes their film as “a reinvention of American road heist movies.” But not without, Ariniello adds, “an existential twist.”

The film follows old friends Patrick and Clive as they escape into the desert in Clive’s Lincoln MKZ. They are running from a crime, but find themselves in more trouble than they anticipated. The behind-the-scenes film above gives a sneak peek at what’s in store for the two men on the run.

Another important element of the film’s desert setting was its affect on the Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln Continental vehicles used. “For us, it really had to be realistic,” says Ariniello. “It’s great to see a car that’s actually how it’s used in life. For this, we’re able to put dust on it like it would be going through the desert. It’s taken the imprint of the character a bit.”

Though they’ve written together before, this is the directorial debut for the Ariniello/Citton team, and Ariniello described it as a sort of marriage. “It’s putting two visions together, and there’s always give and take. But in the end it’s this combination that you never could have imagined all by yourself.”

Watch Citton and Ariniello reimagine the ’70s Heist genre in their final film here and on www.hello-again.com.


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