Good Vibrations

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How does sound make you feel?

How many times have you been asked that question?

We know the basics—that major chords make us feel hopeful and minor chords make us feel romantic; that the sound of crashing waves simultaneously puts us at ease and makes us ponder our place in the world; that the fast kick drum makes us want to run and the slow burn of a hi hat compels us to dance.

But the fascinating thing is that, despite what each of us may vehemently believe, “good sounds” don’t exist. And yet they do. It’s all about what we associate them with –the same distant rumble of thunder can soundtrack one person’s family member passing and another their first kiss.

It’s the most subjective medium on the planet, and that’s exactly what we were counting on when we debuted our Sound of Luxury activation at this year’s Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

The goal was to create an immersive experience to highlight Revel Audio’s gorgeous depth of field in the new Lincoln MKX, the only vehicle where the audio system is currently available. Attendees were treated to four beautiful scores, composed by Paola Prestini, to evoke four different feelings: relaxation, revitalization, confidence and inspiration. The songs were accompanied by specially created visuals, which correlated with the feelings evoked by each sound.

To further illustrate the connection between sound and feeling, we tasked writers from My Modern Met and Airows to invite Art Basel attendees to define their own experience by asking the question: how has sound or music changed your perspective or impacted you emotionally? These were their responses:

“Music and sound are what drive me emotionally. When you close your eyes, it can take you to the saddest and darkest places, but also the most magical, surreal, and deepest. It depends on where you’re at. It is the soundtrack of my life.” – Milcho, artist (photo at left, shot by My Modern Met)

“I love driving around and listening to music. It makes me feel alive, happy. Ever since I was a kid, singing around the house and blasting music, sound has been so important to me.” –Jennifer Long (photo at left, shot by Jack Archer, Airows)

 “Music elevates my mood, inspires my work … but also helps me unwind when I need it. It’s a huge part of my life and a huge source of positivity, encouragement, and inspiration. My home and my life is filled with music and sound.” –Hannah Maple

 “Music brings my mind to life and transports me to a place—whether that place be in the past or a place in the future.”- Cara Hochhalter

“Music is pretty much everything. Without sound, we’d be lost as a civilization. Music brings joy, sometimes pain or sadness but, for the most part, it’s a gift.” – Rich Todd Ingram

Photo by My Modern Met.“Music and sound is a huge part of my creative process. It drives my mood and inspires me to both be more and do more.” – Mark Moran

“Music and sound are all about vibration. The energy that you put out changes everything around you. It’ll make the flowers grow if you play it right.”- King David (photo at right, shot by My Modern Met)

Sound’s effect on us is funny that way—while each person experiences it in a hyper-unique way, its ability to play a substantial role in our well being is nearly universal. And that’s why we put so much effort into redesigning the 2016 Lincoln MKX, so that drivers can experience the ultimate audio immersion, suited to their preferences.

Dare we say, we like the sound of that?

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