Inside the “Factory of Dreams”

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Jacob Hatley is sitting on his set. The location is Los Angeles’ Silver Dream Factory. The film is a reimagined Thriller Noir being created for The Lincoln Reimagine Project.™ Hatley can hardly believe it.

“I mean, you just watch these movies as a kid, and you think, ‘God, it would just be so fun to try this. I would love to get on a set one day, and see if I could pull something like that off,’” says Hatley. “And Lincoln is giving me a chance to try.”

Though he’s a seasoned filmmaker and documentarian, recreating and refreshing the Thriller Noir genre was something Hatley only dreamed about. For The Lincoln Reimagine Project,™ Hatley will be reimagining the classic genre and giving it a fresh take in his film “Factory of Dreams.” Hatley spared no idea or experiment in making his dream a reality.

“We constructed a [filming] move that spans about six rooms,” he says about one of his experimental techniques. “It goes from a movie set, into three other movie sets, into a dressing room, into a lobby, into a parking lot in a single take. So, the meat of this film is a long single fluid master, and I just thought, ‘Why not?’” Hatley wasn’t sure he could pull it off, but the scene flows quickly and swiftly, quite like the suspenseful story of his film.

Hatley’s set is strewn with familiar indicators for anyone who has watched a film from the edge of their seat – brimmed hats, jewel-toned gowns and, of course, the briefcase. “Genres come with very identifiable tropes,” says Hatley. “The audience goes in. It’s a suspense movie. You see a girl with a suitcase and a car at night, and you know what you’re in for.”

“Factory of Dreams” – so named as an ode to the aforementioned Silver Dream Factory – will be a classic suspense movie set within a modern suspense movie. His meta take on the 1940s genre will be available here on or by clicking here.

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