Journey to Good Design

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Designer and Lincoln Journey Series Ambassador Bobby Joseph’s greatest fear is not taking full advantage of his time and creativity: “I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do when I was young,” recalls Joseph.  “I realized I had an aesthetic-centered point of view, which lead me to designing and curating all types of things.   Throughout my career, I’ve experienced a lot of mountaintop moments,” Bobby tells The Lincoln Motor Company.

Bobby Joseph has always been a designer of sorts. The California native studied graphic design and paid his way through college making T-shirts.  According to him, “Every event, I was the guy selling T-shirts. Greek letter events, whatever it was, I did the T-shirt. When I outgrew being the T-shirt guy, I became a design director. When I outgrew that, I became a creative director, and so on.  In 2007, I created BOBBY JOSEPH® Design Services.”

Bobby Joseph is among a select few featured in The Lincoln Motor Company’s “Journey” campaign, a program that explores inspiration, entrepreneurship, and people pursuing their dreams. We recently visited Bobby in his home studio to see some of his latest designs and learn more about his journey and creative process.

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