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Food has the power to forge strong emotional connections. In the same way that one whiff of apple pie can transport you back to your 6-year-old self licking the spoon in your grandma’s kitchen, a tasty meal combined with good company and good conversation can bond you and other dinner-goers for years to come. That’s the essence of a dinner party – it brings people together, pairing the sensory experience of enjoying cuisine with an intimate social event.

With that in mind, Kimberly Russo, the owner of Just Right Farm in Plympton, Massachusetts, has reinvented the dinner party. With every meal created, she aims to provide a new culinary and social experience for her guests. We stopped by the farm during our New England road trip with the new Lincoln MKX to experience Kimberly’s dinner party hospitality first hand.

The setting – a 300-year-old farmstead – doesn’t come close to the bustle of a chic downtown restaurant, but that’s the point. Kimberly and her husband, Mark, who is also a veterinary neurologist, exhibit their culinary expertise through a five-course prix fixe dinner in a gorgeous dining hall on their farm.

It’s sophistication without pretense, and the menu reflects the season changes by the week – allowing Kimberly to curate a unique culinary experience that serves as one of her many creative outlets.

“The farm itself is my inspiration and medium. I am a farmer, chef, furniture maker, and floral designer,” Kimberly says.

All of the ingredients are locally sourced from their own produce, local meat, and seafood. The meticulous process that goes into each meal – selecting the seed, growing the fruits and vegetables, cooking the food, and even building the furniture for the dining room – is holistically the way they express their passion for being hospitable.

Their attention to detail carries over into how they treat their guests, ensuring that the Just Right Farm experience is unique to each individual. They make sure to speak with everyone as they make a reservation, ensuring each person feels welcomed and at home.

Kimberly resists the “farm-to-table restaurant” label, instead describing Just Right Farm as “an elegant dinner party on an antique farmstead.”

These efforts to personally connect with each guest make Just Right Farm a home-away-from-home for patrons. This personal attention carries over into the seating charts, where Kimberly takes great care to place her guests next to people with whom they might best connect.

“Being rural and real is what makes Just Right Farm unique. We plant the seeds, grow the crops and flowers, execute a new menu each week, and speak with each guest as they make a reservation,” Kimberly affirms. “We welcome them here to our home and entertain them when they visit. There just isn’t another place like it.”

There’s customer service, and then there’s hospitality. The former keeps guests somewhat content, while the latter – the Just Right Farm way of operating – leaves a delightful impression so powerful that the feeling stays with guests long after they leave.


We discovered Just Right Farm on our road trip in the Lincoln MKX. Discover more about the MKX here.

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