Love Triumphs: Behind the Scenes of “A Likely Story”

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The Screwball Comedy has taken many forms in its long existence. Why pay homage to its incarnation as a 1940s madcap romantic adventure? According to Dana Turken, she did it for love.

Well, love in its most cinematic sense. “Love triumphs,” says Turken. “And you know, it’s satisfying.”

Turken’s film “A Likely Story” follows two reunited lovers in a very modern world, but their outfits, movements and vocabulary belong in the 1940s. Turken explains in the film above why she made these stylistic choices – not only to reflect the Screwball Comedy genre’s early roots, but also to show a couple so meant for each other that they speak the same hilariously anachronistic language. Plus, according to Turken, “that was what was so much fun.”

Turken explains that the Screwball Comedy was a precursor to the romantic comedy. The genre often portrays a couple on a silly adventure together and the love that ensues from sharing the journey. According to Turken, the witty language and physical comedy of the earlier films were intentional. “The movies were kind of a way to talk about sex without talking about sex, so everything is sort of implied,” she says. “Screwballs are so much about language, and they’re so much about pacing and timing and musicality of language — so for me this was a chance to go all out.”

Turken explains that she was attracted to the Screwball Comedy genre for its portrayal of strong female characters, particularly because they get to say all the good one-liners. “I’m always interested in a bit of theatricality,” says Turken. “There’s something about the Screwball comedies that I feel are even fresher now than a romantic comedy that we might see today.”

Watch Turken go behind the scenes of her film, “A Likely Story” for a peek at the adventure that awaits two hopelessly-in-love folks. You can catch her final film for the Lincoln Reimagine Project™ on or by clicking here.

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