Scott Carter: The One Time Song

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Written by the editors at Bullett

Most of us spend little time contemplating the actual materials that define our spaces. Sculptor and musician Scott Carter centers his work on construction materials, re-purposing them and exploring the alteration of domestic environments. Carter, who received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, creates site-specific installations that involve the tearing-down of gallery walls to use in the construction of the very sculptures on display.

Bringing his musical background into play, Carter has also ambitiously reimagined the form and function of musical instruments by fabricating semi-functional drum sets and guitars from drywall and the electric components of dismantled originals. In addition to this transformative process, the artwork includes a performance element (what Carter describes as “heavy, grungy noise rock”), inevitably resulting in destruction of the instruments and leaving the viewer to decide for themselves if the experiment was successful.

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