Screwball Comedy Film Reimagined: “A Likely Story”

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Has social media ruined love? In the case of Dana Turken’s film “A Likely Story,” it’s made it stronger.

When Turken first submitted her treatment of her reimagined Screwball comedy to The Lincoln Reimagine Project,™ the film was set in the 1940s. “A Likely Story” portrays George and Roslyn, a formerly married couple reunited at the launch party for George’s new book. Roslyn brings her “fiancé” Ralphie to show off but soon ditches him to escape a mobster… alongside George. The two embark on a zany adventure, complete with old-fashioned dynamite bundles and headscarves, and drag disguises.

“They just need to sort of get over their issues in order to be reimagined, in order to reimagine themselves,” says Turken. “I thought, ‘How do you get two people back together who hate each other, but really love each other, over the course of an eight-minute film?’ So I figured I need to put them in some sort of situation of danger.” 

Turken rewrote her script, setting the film to take place in present day. She wanted to portray the fun language and wacky adventure of the original Screwball comedies and place them in a modern setting, in a very literal way. She updated George’s book party to be for his collection of social media musings from his “bat-shit crazy ex-wife” but kept every golly, gee, and nincompoop she’d penned. The result is an intentionally anachronistic, and very fun, story of love.

As far as “danger” goes for the two love-birds, Turken explains that the danger is just a foil. “I want people to feel happy; I want them to feel like they went on a fun ride that was sort of just like, bang, bang, bang, just one thing after the next,” says Turken. “You can’t even catch up until the end when you have this fun reveal. And you know, it’s satisfying.”

Watch Turken’s entertaining surprise in the film above and check out behind-the-scenes of “A Likely Story” here. For more films from the Lincoln Reimagine Project,™ visit

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