The All-New Navigator Speaks

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It has been estimated that there are more than 6,500 spoken languages known across the globe. From Ngalakan, an Australian Aboriginal language only known by a few,* to the widely spoken Mandarin, language is used to convey ideas, emotions and desires. But what about those languages that are unspoken, specifically in terms of the Lincoln Navigator, the language of design?

Similar to spoken languages, design, when properly applied, solicits a response. The colors orange and red are often used to create hunger; directional force guides the eye along a visual journey leading to the intended destination.

The first rule of any language: Know with whom you are speaking.

Designers of the Lincoln Navigator set out to apply, question and alter the rules governing the language of design to create a powerful statement. It started, like any engaging conversation, by listening with a desire to understand the audience.

“They (luxury customers) want a quiet vehicle; they want performance; they want improved fuel economy; they want accommodations that are unique.” – Robert Parker, Director of Global Lincoln Marketing Sales and Service.

With an understanding of what customers look for in a Large Premium SUV, designers worked to respond. According to David Woodhouse, Lincoln Design Director, teams collaborated to craft “… beautiful elegance with Lincoln Design.”


Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Navigator is its grand scale. By leveraging and organizing horizontal exterior lines and surface language Chief Designer Earl Lucas and his team brought a great sense of control and humanity to the exterior. Thematic lines travel from the headlamps to the tail lamps giving the Navigator a solid and confident stance. The redesigned front grille, featuring a centrally located Lincoln Star logo, further helps the exterior to speak volumes.

“…there’s a certain powerful strength, strong presence that the car has…” – Earl Lucas, Navigator Chief Designer


In this vehicle segment, making the interior as expansive and accessible as possible is paramount. The challenge is the figurative tightrope-walking act of including interior amenities without compromising passenger and cargo space.

The optional front row Perfect Position Seats, the second row with superior legroom and the reclining third row make the comfort and enjoyment of every passenger, up to eight, a priority. Maximizing also applies to cargo. The second and third rows fold flat with the push of a button creating plenty of room for cargo.

“Obviously, being a vehicle where you are typically dealing with families, ample storage is important.” Ryan Niemiec, Navigator Interior Design Manager.


The materials throughout the cabin speak with an elegance and grace reserved for a select few. Jennifer Hewlett, Color and Materials Designer made selections that, in her words, “…embody Lincoln and what customers are looking for.” Lush leathers, real wood appliqués and interior fabrics, including those used in Lincoln Black Label models, speak the language of design with a confident yet comforting voice.

It is quite clear that the Lincoln Navigator uses the language of design to tell a story of grand proportions. It’s a language that will expand upon the design ethos that guides Lincoln as it continues to explore the true nature of effortless luxury.

* Source: UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages

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