The Story Behind The Script

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Two short months ago we set out to reimagine what a journey could be. We asked you to #SteerTheScript of the next BIG Lincoln commercial by tweeting us your most interesting real life road trip stories. And thousands of tweets later, we weaved your individual tales of the road into the unique spot you see above.

Our journeys make us different, and you made ours truly different on the biggest stage in the world. We had such a blast bringing your tweets to life, we want to hear more. We want you to continue to #SteerTheScript.

So now we ask you to tell us in 140 characters, “Where do you want to go?” In life. In the world. In the next five minutes. Your journeys were inspiring, and we want to hear where they might go next. Don’t forget the hashtag #SteerTheScript in your tweet. You just might be surprised where your answer might take you.

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