What is Quiet Luxury?

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The English language includes many words used to describe things that can really only be felt. Serenity, power and elegance are a few of these concepts that can only be explained if one has experienced them wholly.

There are certain people, places, and even mere moments in time, that embody each of these concepts, but it’s really a “first-person” experience that we wanted to tap into. We wanted to capture this feeling because you know it when you feel it, you know it when you’re around it.

To help explore this concept, we gathered a team of photographers and visual artists. Some were old friends, some were new acquaintances. We told them about what we had learned, and what we wanted to convey – this idea of Quiet Luxury.

Shot by Chris OzerShot by Jared ChambersShot by Olivia LopezShot by Alice Gao

For some of the artists, the vision was clear. Others took a journey to find that moment, and all were inspired to share their vision with the world.

Shot by Duncan Wolfe

“I initially pictured something outdoors, in nature, something beautiful and natural,” says Kevin McCauley. “But the idea of that was more luxurious than the reality, for me. I decided that a quiet afternoon with a sketchpad, a good book and fading natural light was my perfect idea of quiet luxury.”

What we hadn’t told our friends, was that we were interpreting the concept too. We’d gathered the ideas and inspirations gleaned from our travels and tenure, and came up with a new idea. The Lincoln Continental Concept.

Quiet, Luxury in Session

The Continental Concept was built from a tradition of going out into the world, gathering inspiration, and bringing it back home to our work. Every Continental, starting with the original model Edsel Ford created with designer Bob Gregorie after a vacation overseas in 1939, began with the same idea: use experiences culled from the world outside to create a vehicle that will push design, power and function forward.

Today’s Continental Concept is a culmination of our latest travels, learnings, and experiences. We’ve been to China and back, and even spent time in our own backyard gaining inspiration to apply.

It all came together in a feeling; one that combined serenity, elegance and power. We’re calling it Quiet Luxury, and it’s what the Continental Concept is all about.

Low lines, a confident stance that leans back, inspired-by-nature proportions, and a luxurious ride that evokes the amenities and smoothness of first class travel. Unique color, materials, and a passenger experience to rival all others: these are the details that make this concept a modern push of the limits. This is not an aggressive beauty, but one that is subtle, and discovered again and again in the most thoughtful of details. It has a power that is smooth and effortless, one that is felt over time rather than in a head-snapping sprint.

The interior of the Continental Concept is as comfortable as a private jet, but as inviting as a relaxing spa. The seats are designed with the help of a chiropractor to independently support each leg. The technology is implemented to take care of the passenger and driver, whether it is remotely starting the car through the use of an app or opening the door with a brush of your hand. Not to mention, the Continental Concept can essentially park itself. One quiet luxury after another.

Director of Design David Woodhouse says: “The luxury world is a global world;” and this is the vehicle that certainly feels like it could cross continents. But it doesn’t have to, because the feeling of flight, freedom, and elegance is already there.

We’d like to see the way you interpret Quiet Luxury, too. Post your photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #QuietLuxury, and you might see your inspired work here.

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